January 25, 2024

STOP Using Facebook Ads – The Best Alternative Ad Platforms

Digital Marketing


Facebook advertising are becoming more and more competitive and expensive, which makes it difficult for companies to have a high return on investment (ROI). Facebook advertising may be quite successful if done correctly, but not everyone is skilled at crafting attention-grabbing language, captivating graphics, and audience targeting. You’re in luck if you’re having trouble with Facebook ads or if you’re just seeking for more channels to spread the word about your advertising. We will examine the top alternative ad networks in this blog post so you may get an excellent return on investment.

YouTube Commercials

YouTube advertisements are a great substitute for Facebook ads. Similar to Facebook, YouTube has a wide range of audience segmentation options that let you send the appropriate message to the right individuals at the right moment. Ads can be targeted according to keywords, themes, gender, age, and language. YouTube advertisements function on a pay-per-view model, with costs varying between 10 and 30 cents for each view. It might even be less expensive in certain nations. YouTube advertisements work especially well for services or goods that are appealing to a wide audience, like eBooks or e-commerce goods. Even though YouTube advertisements can cost a little more than Facebook ads, their greater cost is generally offset by their higher conversion rates.

Instagram Marketing

With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram, owned by Facebook, has grown significantly over the last few years. Instagram has a very active user base, with over half of its users visiting the network every day. Furthermore, you should be happy to learn that 80% of Instagram’s user base is located outside of the United States if you’re hoping to grow your business abroad. Facebook ads and Instagram ads both offer the same degree of segmentation choices. This implies that you can target your audience with extreme specificity. But because Instagram is primarily a visual platform, it’s imperative to produce visually striking material. There are several types of Instagram ads, such as slideshow, carousel, narrative, photo, and video ads. Remember that your Instagram ads won’t work properly if they have too much text in them. In order to guarantee your success, the site even lets you know if your advertisement contains too much text when it is being uploaded.

Pinterest Advertisements

A staggering 93% of Pinterest’s 300 million active users use the platform to plan their purchases, according to Shopify. Interestingly, sales from Pinterest typically have an average order value of $50, which is higher than that of other large social media networks. To help you promote video content, grow awareness, drive traffic, and engage viewers with your pins and app installations, Pinterest offers a variety of advertising alternatives. Because the majority of Pinterest users are very inclined to make purchases, the platform is especially useful for companies offering online goods. Make visually striking material that appeals to your target audience if you want to make the most of Pinterest ads.

Twitter Marketing

Despite occasional growth stalling throughout the years, Twitter still has over 330 million active users. Furthermore, according to Pew Research, 42% of Twitter users open the app every day, resulting in hundreds of millions of tweets being sent every day. Twitter is used by 24% of American adults, thus it might be a useful tool for connecting with your target market. App installs, followers, tweet engagement, video views, website clicks or conversions, app re-engagement, end-stream video views, pre-roll, and awareness are just a few of the campaign objectives that you can target with Twitter ads. Twitter lets you pay for clicks, views, or website traffic, much like Facebook does. In general, Twitter is a strong medium for ads that is not to be disregarded.

LinkedIn Advertisements

LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for professionals and B2B marketers, with over 660 million users. As a matter of fact, 80% of all B2B social media leads are produced via LinkedIn, according to Oktopost. LinkedIn is a highly effective platform for reaching other businesses and selling your products, even though the cost of the advertisements may be a little more. This is because the ticket value and customer acquisition cost for B2B are often greater. Consider looking into NP Digital, an advertising firm that may offer the necessary experience, if you’re wanting to scale out your ads on LinkedIn or any other network.


Facebook ads aren’t the only game in town, even though they can be very successful. You may improve your chances of reaching your target audience and getting a fantastic return on investment by spreading out your advertising across different ad networks. You can expand your business by using the distinct advantages and audience segmentation choices that YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn each offer. Try out a variety of platforms to see which ones are most effective for your target audience and particular objectives. Always keep in mind that the secret to success is producing engaging content that moves your audience to action.