January 19, 2024

7 AdWords Hacks to Scale Your Campaign Profitably

Digital Marketing

Create In-Depth Remarketing Audiences

Did you know that remarketing has a significantly higher click-through rate and costs much less compared to traditional advertising? By setting up campaigns for people who have already visited your website, you can target an audience that is already interested in your products or services. This increases the chances of conversion, as they are already familiar with your brand.

Focus on Longtail Keywords

Generalized keywords may have high search volumes, but they often attract low-quality traffic. Instead, focus on longtail keywords that are more specific to your offering. These keywords may have lower search volumes but are highly targeted, resulting in better conversion rates. For example, the keyword “diet plan” has a high search volume, but targeting the longtail phrase “low carb diet plan” may generate more sales at a lower cost per click.

Utilize Exclusions

Don’t be afraid to use exclusions in your ad campaigns. Excluding certain demographics or characteristics can help you target a more relevant audience that is more likely to convert. For example, if your product is targeted towards a specific income bracket, you can exclude people with higher incomes. This will ensure that your ad budget is spent on the people who are most likely to become customers.

Test Different Locations

Creating audiences based on location is an effective way to segment your ad campaigns. You can target locations using location-based keywords, geotargeting, or a combination of both. Testing different locations allows you to identify the areas where your ads perform the best and weed out irrelevant clicks.

Add Extensions to Your Ads

Make use of ad extensions to increase your click-through rate. Extensions provide additional information and take up more real estate on the search results page, making your ad more noticeable. You can add extensions such as specific page information, product listings, prices, and phone numbers. According to Google, adding extensions can increase click-throughs by 10-15%.

Implement UTM Tracking

Tracking the performance of your ad campaigns is crucial for optimizing your strategy. UTM codes are a simple way to track the success of your campaigns. By using Google’s URL builder tool, you can create unique UTM codes for each page in less than 30 seconds. These codes allow you to easily track the performance of your campaigns in Google Analytics, even if you’re not a developer.

Run Ads on Competitor Keywords

Bidding on your competitors’ keywords is a practical way to generate a good return on investment. Tools like Ubersuggest can help you identify the keywords your competitors are ranking for and getting traffic from. While you may not be able to use your competitor’s brand name in your copy due to trademark restrictions, targeting their keywords can still drive sales. Many people search for competitor brands, and if they’re interested in your industry, they may be open to exploring your offerings as well.

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